Zipper Bag Widely Used In Major Industries In The Field Of Packaging

In the rest of the world, zipper bags are widely used in the packaging of major industries and have become one of the most popular forms of packaging in today's world market. The zipper bag is generally made of woven bag, transparent PE or OPP plastic film. The zipper is made of ordinary plastic zipper. It is usually used to package large-scale goods such as the outer packing of quilt, large simple luggage bag and so on.

High-quality zipper bags using advanced casting equipment rolling film into a bag. Zipper bag excellent dispersion, strong coloring. Anti-oxidation performance than the general plastic, the seasonal performance was no significant difference, waterproof breathable. Zipper bag toughness, soft feel with a smooth matte texture, not burst edge; neat packaging, beautiful. Bag opening and closing hands grasping clavicle, easy to operate, and can be used repeatedly, fast and environmentally friendly.

Of course, it plays an important role in our daily life, but in the course of the use of people there are many errors, in which we introduce life often occurs, but did not cause people to pay enough attention to some of the incorrect use of the method, Take a lesson

Many manufacturers in order to reduce costs, the use of colored plastic bags are made of recycled plastic, the production may be added to the dye, there are some businesses and consumers are not strong sense of danger, direct use of colored plastic bags cooked food, snacks Can directly eat the food, great harm, the main reason there are two: for the plastic bag dyeing pigment permeability and volatile strong, case of oil case of hot and easy to seep, if it is organic dyes, which will contain aromatic hydrocarbons. Unqualified plastic bags in the case of thermal decomposition, the harm will be greater. For example, in many snack stalls, the owner will be in the bowl in a layer of plastic bags, in order to avoid the spread of bacteria, this method is actually not feasible, the most safe and safe way or do dishware disinfection.

Use a good bag is so important, do not because of temporary convenience and let their body in a dangerous area. And the packaging we should be in accordance with its original use to the correct use.