The Production Of Ziplock Bag Is Divided Into Two Kinds

  The production of Ziplock Bag is divided into two kinds, one is directly blown film molding, self-sealing above the general is 1.8CM, self-sealing near the mouth is relatively thick, zombie bags around the use of eagerly sealing the bag into the finished product; The latter method is mainly used for the production of composite bags.

  Self-adhesive self-styled bag production is mainly using single film cross-cutting, both sides of the heat sealing, bag positive and negative length, while the other side of the side 3-5cm can be folded back part of the fold back part of the stickers, Sex gum and other colloids, when used to tear the colloid on the plastic mask can be folded back to seal the bag.

  Folder chain Ziplock Bag common specifications and size, thickness is generally single-sided 0.04mm, also known as 4 wire, 4s, there are 0.03mm, 0.06mm, etc., according to different needs to produce different thickness.

  Folder Zincing bag printing method is relatively simple, can only print 1-2 colors, can not print multiple colors, the general self-styled bags only print text, LOGO class a single color. Self-adhesive self-styled bag printing is better than the chain of self-styled bag, you can also print more realistic pattern.