The Difference Between Ziplock Bag And Self-adhesive Bag

  The difference between Ziplock Bag and self-adhesive bag

  Self-adhesive bags: the bag has a glue, bought with a small piece of plastic paper cover, need to seal the time to tear off the plastic film exposed glue, you can put the bag, usually a one-time. (Of course you are careful to tear and then the second time is not impossible)

  1, Ziplock Bag: pocket a closed line, the two sides of the bag on the line of its tight, closed on the force can tear open the bag, not with glue, you can repeatedly use. The following are the same as the "

  2, package paper is self-adhesive bags.

  In short, the biggest difference between self-adhesive bags and zombie bags is the same as a one that can be used repeatedly. Ziplock Bag can be used for a variety of small items inside and outside the packaging. With the food-grade raw materials produced by the self-styled bag can store a variety of small food, tea, seafood, moisture, water, pest control, to prevent things scattered; Ziplock Bag can also be used for clothing and other daily necessities packaging, Zifeng Dai in the blown film production by adding anti-static masterbatch can produce anti-static Zifeng Dai, Ziplock Bag generally used in the electronics industry.