Medicine Bag Depends On The Distribution Of Chinese Medicine Function

Traditional Chinese medicine has been ancient, is the precious heritage of the motherland medicine, but also widely used folk therapy. In recent years, all kinds of bags filled the market. I study more than 20 years of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, quite experience: First, the bag is no mystery. Can not pack all diseases. Second, the medicine bag to be new, the effect was high. It is good to do medicine bags than to buy medicine bags. The making of the bag is extremely easy. Everyone can be, just like a buffet. As long as the Chinese medicine into a thick end, with a clean cloth, and then sew a few trips Serve.

(A) the principle of traditional Chinese medicine

Everything in the universe is affecting each other. Put the tea on the apple heap, the tea sucked the apple flavor, the apple also sucks the tea taste, this is the very ordinary phenomenon. Human skin can absorb drugs to achieve the treatment of the disease, which, the ancients will have knowledge. Folk is also widely used to paste, apply, paste, iron all kinds of therapy. In addition to the skin, the hole of the absorption of the role is also very important, the drug can enter the human body through the hole into the role of treatment.

The role of the bag depends on the distribution of Chinese medicine function. Chinese medicine theory that there are four flavors of Chinese medicine, the smell of Chinese medicine is the key to its role in the treatment. The distribution of Chinese medicine and the absorption of human skin hole awakened, the formation of the therapeutic effect of medicine bags.

(B) the law of the preparation of medicine bags

(1) the right medicine. There is no package of medicine in the world cents medicine, Chinese medicine theory is always talking about "no side into the disease." Therefore, an attempt to use a bag to treat a variety of diseases or all diseases, is bound to be achieved. Chinese medicine also said, "medication such as military use," meaning a careful, two to be flexible. The best way to use the bag is to ask the doctor according to your condition targeted to open the prescription, making their own medicine bag.

(2) monarch and minister to make. Medicine bags have to follow the prescription principle of traditional Chinese medicine, that is, No king no cure, no so that the king can not reach the crazy. Medicine bags through the skin, hole hole absorption and play a role, must be penetrating (that is, sporadic) strong medicine "to". In order to achieve therapeutic function. Generally speaking, the smell of strong drug penetration is strong, so the bag should have a strong smell.

(3) Kongqiao administration. Cave is given to the drug through the hole to reach the corresponding internal organs. Therefore, the hole on the one hand to deal with the corresponding organs of the disease; on the one hand to pay attention to the protection of hole orifices, harmful drugs can not be used, or less use, and to protect the hole of the drug.

(4) to protect the skin. When the skin is given, it is not necessary for the skin to be harmful. If it is used, it should be isolated from the skin. Not directly contact the skin can also stimulate the skin of the drug. Must be used to protect the skin of the drug.

(5) timely replacement. Medication bags should not be used for a long time. The smell of the drug is weak, the bag does not work. So the pharmaceutical bags will use the new Chinese medicine, the system immediately after use. When the general is not more than 3 months. If you buy medicine bags, first of all to see new is not new. In addition, from the perspective of symptomatic treatment should also be renewed, with the disease addition and subtraction.

(6) intermittent medication. 24 hours a day without medicine bag, skin or hole awakened the ability to absorb but will be reduced. In the day to have one or two intermittent.

(C) commonly used formula (unit of measure: g)

(1) [prescription] Nepeta, Notopterygium, independent living, wind, dried ginger, Atractylodes 100 Gentiana 60, Gluten Grass 40, Speranskia 60, Chuanjiao 40. [Indications] rheumatoid arthritis partial booer who. [Usage] used to make knee pads, elbow, wrist, leggings and so on.

(2) [prescription] Clematis 50, mulberry parasitic 40, Chuanxiong 30, cinnamon 20, Morinda 30, Dipsacus 40, Speranskia 30. Gentiana macrophylla 60. [Attending] rheumatoid side of the liver and kidney deficiency. [Usage] made of waist, knee and so on.

(3) [prescription] Epimedium 30. Fenugreek 30, cinnamon 40, aconite 20, Cnidium 20, leek seed 100, Speranskia 60. [Indications] impotence. (Usage) Pharmaceutical bags, deposited on the umbilical.

(4) [prescription] frankincense 100. Myrrh 100, safflower 60, wind 60, Notopterygium 90 Chuanjiao 40, Speranskia 30. Earthworm. 40. [Indications] around the shoulder inflammation. [Usage] made of shoulder pads.

(5) [prescription] Araceae: Pinellia, Campanulaceae, Chuanbei 20, Asarum, almonds, licorice 15, Ephedra, white Suzi, Aster 10. [Attending] bronchial asthma. Working method) pharmaceutical bags, apply in the lungs and chest chest

(6) [prescription] radish seed 100, woody 20, clove 20, dried ginger 30. Pepper 40. Fennel 40. (Indications) abdominal pain, diarrhea, indigestion. [Usage] Pharmaceutical bags, apply umbilical.

(7) [prescription] salt 250. Light blue 250, ginger 125, [attending] dysmenorrhea. [Usage] on the drug a total of frying, pack the bag to iron the abdomen, add hot water bag to keep warm, each 30 minutes, apply 3 times a day.

(8) [prescription] Cyperus rotundus 80. Yuan Hu i00, Guizhi 60, Millettia 50, Chuanxiong 40. Bupleurum 30, peach 20. (Indications) dysmenorrhea, women, low back pain. [Usage] Pharmaceutical bags, apply to the umbilical, waist and so on.

(9) [prescription] Chrysanthemum 100, paeonol 200, Angelica 200, Shichangpu 60, Albizzia skin 100, Fu Shen 80, Artemisia 100, wind 100, Su Ye 80, mulberry leaves 80, Nepeta 200. [Indications] brain brain brain, fill marrow puzzle, Ning Shen sleep. Quickness of mind; neurasthenia, memory loss, insomnia and more dreams. Tension, headache dizziness. [Usage] Pharmaceutical pillow.

(10) [prescription] Chuanxiong 60, incense to 60, Bupleurum 100, Artemisia annua 80. Qingpi 60, capillaris 50, Glauber's salt 100, clove 60, Chuanjiao n30. Triangular 50 [Attending) liver stasis qi stagnation. Depression and irritability, [usage] pharmaceutical bags, sub-liver l liver area and liver Yu set.

(11) [prescription] soil rhubarb, bitter ginseng each 30. From the brittle, ground charcoal, Eucommia carbon, remains grass, Chuanjiao 10. (Attending) chronic nonspecific ulcerative colitis. [Usage] Pharmaceutical bags, apply umbilical.

(12) [prescription] fragrant melon, Gentiana 100, Qingpi, Lithospermum, Scutellaria, Salvia 90 each. Borneol, Chuanjiao each 6. [Attending] hepatitis. Alanine aminotransferase increased. [Usage] Pharmaceutical bags, apply umbilical.

(13) [prescription] Chuanxiong, Zizhi, Evodia 30, Tougong grass 10, gentian 10. [Indications] Hypertension. [Usage] Pharmaceutical bags, apply umbilical.

(14) [prescription] Speranskia, madder, red peony, Angelica, Angelica each 30, blood, Chuanjiao the 15, frankincense, myrrh, Curcuma 20. [Indications] chronic pelvic inflammatory disease. [Usage] Pharmaceutical bags, apply to the lower abdominal pain, on the hot water bottle, 2 times a day, every 15 minutes, 20 days a course of treatment. A bag can only be used 10 times.