Ziplock presentation materials

PE is polyethylene. Obviously different materials PE material: material itself is relatively soft, but transparency is not high enough other material, comparative Mongolia. Rally good! Non-explosive mouth!

PP material: the material body hard, but the high contrast transparency, clearer, tension is not very good! Explosive mouth!

PO material: material itself is brittle, transparency is not high enough, but also than PE material Mongolia, somewhat transparent red, tension is not very good.

OPP material: the most brittle material body, the most transparent, the tension is not enough, but the most explosive mouth. Printing and most likely bleaching.

PVC material: soft body material is also hard, can be set according to the desired host material, can also be noted in the desired transparency, since the ultra-transparent material, ordinary material and frosted material, tension is good, not easy to Chelan also population explosion is not easy, since the material is used between the two machines beer together.