Ziplock bag manufacturer teach you the correct storage of fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables organic food, a water-soluble nutrients and enzymes. During storage still into line with strong respiratory activity. Storage time to pay attention to the following points:

Under aerobic conditions, oxidation of carbohydrates or other organic matter decomposition in fruits and vegetables, produce carbon dioxide and water and release a lot of ripe quantity; lack of support under the conditions of carbohydrate oxidation is not only decomposition of alcohol, carbon dioxide, and release a small amount of heat. To fruits and vegetables in a plastic bag in the storage compartment twenty-three days the bag mouth open and emit carbon dioxide and heat, and then tie the mouth, which would reduce the occurrence of rot. Carbon dioxide concentration can not be indefinitely increased only by 10%. Decrease the oxygen concentration can not be more than 5%, due to alcohol produced by anaerobic respiration remain in fruit thinning, would cause thinning fruit rot, so put a plastic bag and storing fruits and vegetables should not be too time