Three special requirements of food vacuum bag printing

Now milk, soy milk, and many juice drinks, condiments, and other fresh drinks mostly using vacuum packaging, the vacuum bag materials for food vacuum packaging mainly polyethylene (PE) co-extruded film, it must meet the packaging and printing, such as processing, storage and hygiene requirements. From the appearance and properties of the film to see, can be divided into three categories: soft creamy white PE film, black and white co-extruded PE film, rigid high-temperature cooking PE film. Soft creamy white PE plastic film packaging is mainly used in milk, soy sauce, vinegar, liquid packaging simple, co-extruded blown film masterbatch by the LDPE, LLDPE and cream feed composition. The plastic film packaging in performance, relatively poor barrier properties, the sterilization temperature does not exceed 90 ℃, relatively short shelf life; generally used in manual or low-speed filling equipment.