How to identify plastic material issues

Both common commercial materials, belongs to PE material, but both have different characteristics. The former feels relatively soft, shiny outside light, relatively strong (toughness), and therefore, handbags, industrial packaging required finished bags, often use this material.

Low pressure bags range of applications primarily in shopping malls, supermarkets, food industries, such as restaurants Houchu used low-pressure bags and sold to consumers paid supermarket vest bag, all this material. It is characterized by the appearance of resistance, tensile, tear occasionally not easily deformed. Hardness is strong, not easy to be pierced by a blunt object. Jinan PE bags are the material, how to distinguish between the two bags of it? One of the most simple way is like the tear line, tear the bag. If tear at with white marks, as evidenced by its low-pressure bag, no white marks, is the high-pressure bags. If the business in the hands of both the low-pressure bags, there are high-pressure bags, do this experiment, we will clearly feel the high pressure in the bag when Tesla will have a greater resistance.